What are the risks of sharing storage?

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    Storage units are a great way to increase the space where you can keep your items. You just need to rent, move your items and you are good to go. But, there are many storage options. You can rent a storage unit on your own or you may rent it with someone. You may think that this is a perfect idea but there are many downsides to doing this. So, before you start contacting New Mexico moving companies in order to rent a storage unit with someone, be sure to see the major risks of sharing storage and why it is not always a great option!

    Why do people choose to share storage units?

    There is an increased demand for shared storage. We could say that there are many good sides to doing this. One of the most important is that you share the costs of renting. That means that you will not pay the full price of the unit. It is great for people that do not have the finances to pay for the storage unit on their own. Also, it is much easier to take care of it while you are renting it. When you store on your own, you are the one responsible for the whole thing. On the other hand, if you share responsibility, it will be much easier to do your part of the job.

    a storage warehouse - risks of sharing storage
    There are many benefits of sharing a storage unit

    What are the most common risks of sharing storage?

    Every decision has both good and bad sides. Not everything about shared storage is good for you. That means that you will have to think through your decision and do what is best for you. Be sure to understand all the risks that come with sharing a storage unit.

    • No paying
    • One person is responsible
    • Hurt relationships
    • Damaged items

    No paying

    We have said that one of the great things about sharing a storage unit is that you get to share your costs and pay less. We can all agree that it is a good thing. But, everything depends on the person you are sharing a storage unit with. If you have someone reliable to share the costs with, everything will be okay.

    On the other hand, if you rent with someone that has a history of irresponsible behavior, you can be in a problem. That means that they could bail on you or say that they do not have enough money for the rent. But, the rent has to be paid! You will basically have to pay for everything on your own from your own pocket. Prices vary and if you rent temperature-controlled storage Santa Fe NM, the price can be even higher. It can be okay if it happens rarely but if it happens all the time, you can end up in big problems.

    One person is responsible

    When renting a storage unit, you have to know that only one person is responsible. He or she puts their signature on the contract and they are in charge. This may seem like a thing that is not that important but it is. When one person is in charge, that means that they call all the shots. They could just kick you out of the unit at any time. Of course, this is a kind of thing that will not happen to everyone. If you are sharing storage with a close friend, you should be pretty much secured. On the other hand, if you are sharing with someone that you do not know too well, it may be a risk for you and your stored items.

    two men laughing
    One person is in charge when sharing a storage unit

    Hurt relationships are a risk of sharing storage

    Another potential problem when sharing storage is the fact that your relationship with the person you are sharing storage can suffer. Even though it may not seem like it but it is a reality. We are all different people, we think differently and we want different things. Problems can start from the beginning. There are many local movers Santa Fe NM you can rent storage units from. You may want one unit while your friend may want another. Next, you will have disputes over paying because someone will not have to pay for that month. After that, someone will store something that will take a lot of space for the other one. You get the point. There is always a risk that your friendship will suffer so be sure to share a storage unit with someone you can solve disputes well.

    men sitting and smiling
    Be aware that relationships can suffer if there are unresolved disputes, that is one of the risks of sharing storage

    Damaged items

    Even though it seems easy to decide your ‘territories’, there is always a risk that this will not be respected. Due to this, it can happen that some of your items get damaged. Your friend can use more space than they have to and place something in your part where it can damage your items. This is not that common but if you have fragile items storing, it is a real possibility. For example, storing art is a great thing to preserve. But, if your friend does not know or just does not see, they could place something on top of it and ruin it. It is very important that you prepare your items for storing well before storing them.

    Art is very fragile and it is important for you to protect it and store it well. It is always better to use art delivery service Santa Fe or some other service if you have to deal with packing, storing, and moving fragile and delicate items.


    The idea of sharing a storage unit can seem appealing. But, every story has two sides and you need to understand both of them before making a decision. You should know the risks of sharing storage before you start doing it because you may end up regretting your decision. Now that you know all the risks that are involved in shared storage, you should be able to think more clearly and make a decision according to your needs!

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