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What part of New Mexico has the best weather?

Last Updated on: 6th July 2023, 01:57 pm

In general, New Mexico has interesting landscapes and a very pleasant climate. Also, the NM has a very varying landscape. Some parts of the country are arid deserts. In some parts are exceptionally attractive mountains. The Rio Grande River and the areas around it are having their own charm. All this also means that you can’t expect the same weather in all parts of this southern USA country. And, when settling in NM, people usually look for places with nice weather. If you are not sure what part of New Mexico has the best weather for you, consult the Santa Fe movers. They know the whole country well, and they can help you in making the final choice. 

Weather varieties of New Mexico

In different parts of New Mexico, you can expect different weather conditions. In general, the temperatures in the south are higher due to lower elevation. Thus, a lot of people are looking for homes in the northern part of the state. In this part and thanks to the mountains, you can experience all four seasons. So, the summer temperatures are often around 100°F at elevations below 5,000ft. It is warm, but not as warm and dry as in the southern parts. Also, the proximity of the mountains will allow you to go for weekend trips. And there, at the higher altitudes, you can find refreshment. 

There are many ski resorts in Northern New Mexico.

During the winter months, temperatures range around 40°F. So, winters can be rather chilly. However, regardless of the season, the sun’s rays are constantly intense. That is why sunscreen is recommended for everyone. The low temperatures are also bringing a lot of snow to the mountains. This further means an influx of tourists to Santa Fee during the wintertime. The city is located at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. And this range is especially attractive because of the excellent skiing conditions. So, if you like winter sports, Santa Fe could be the ideal place for you. 

What part of New Mexico has the best weather for newcomers?

Which part of New Mexico will suit you the best, can depend on many factors. In case you prefer the dry, hot, and arid areas, the southern part is the right for you. However, most of the newcomers consider the northern part the ideal area. That is why they are usually relocating to:

  • Santa Fe
  • Taos
  • Grants
  • Agua Fria
  • Corrales

Many of them love the weather in this part of New Mexico. Besides the good weather conditions, the area is full of national parks. So, they can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. Following their preferences, they can enjoy boating, hiking, fishing, climbing, etc.

Before you move you should learn what part of New Mexico has the best weather.

Taos could be a perfect place for you

Taos is known for its hospitality and numerous art colonies. Besides, it is home to Taos Ski Valley, a world-class ski resort. There is also located the Taos Pueblo, a World Heritage Site. The famous St. Francisco de Asis iconic church is one of the most photographed objects in the area. 

These things attract many tourists. However, in addition, many people choose to move to Taos because of the weather. And they are usually using the exceptional services of movers Taos NM. Located between The Rio Grande Gorge and the Rocky Mountains, it is a pleasant town. If you decide to become a resident, be ready to experience all four seasons. And, we hope that all of them will suit you. You might especially love the air, which is clean and crystalline-like regardless of the season. 

Grants also offers one of the best weather conditions in New Mexico

Located in northwest New Mexico Grants is known as the gateway to a number of national parks. Besides several national parks, the town was mainly known as a farming community. Things changed in the 1950s, with the discovery of the uranium deposits in Haystack Mountain, 10 miles west of town. It turned out to be one of the largest uranium deposits in the world. However, due to the recession, the mines were closed in the 1980s. Today, Grants is a growing tourist destination. It is also known for mysterious Anasazi ruins, golf championships, and fishing at Bluewater and Ramah lakes. 

In case you decide to relocate to Grants with the help of Grants NM movers, you will enjoy the year-round pleasant weather. Located at an elevation of 6,460 feet, you will not suffer the too hot summers. The winters are usually chilly. But you will be satisfied, as you will enjoy nice sky resorts. Grants are also an excellent place to move to if you are in the tourism industry. 

Aqua Fria can offer you one of the best weather conditions

Agua Fria in English means Cold Water, and it is a part of the Santa Fe Metropolitan area. If you decide to become a resident of this interesting place, movers Agua Fria NM will help you to have easy and carefree relocation. Besides, you will never be bored in this suburb in Santa Fe. You can start by exploring downtown, where you can visit many art galleries and museums. Besides, you will be able to enjoy the following attractions:

  • Canyon road art tour
  • Santa Fe architectural walking tour
  • The stained-glass class 
  • Photo creative workshops in Chimayo
  • Photography lessons during the tour in Santa Fe downtown 

And this is just part of the fun you can experience at Agua Fria, as a tourist or as a resident. In addition to all that, you will enjoy the pleasant weather. June, August, and September are the most pleasant month in Agua Fria. And in the winter months, you will enjoy the Sangre de Cristo Mountains ski resorts. 

New Mexico has inspiring generations of artists.

Move to Corrales if you wish to experience nice weather

Corrales is a mid-size city, located in Sandoval County, and it belongs to the Albuquerque Metro area. So, moving to Corrales with the assistance of Corrales NM movers, you will be able to enjoy all the amenities of the big city. And, at the same time, you will be pleased with many clear, sunny, and dry days. Besides, you will easily find employment, as ABQ is home to many high-tech industries. And, just south of the town is located the Sandia Laboratories nuclear research facility. 

Like other northern New Mexico towns, Corrales enjoyed the hot and dry summer, and chilly winters. However, if you wonder what part of New Mexico has the best weather, Corrales can be the one, due to its always fresh and clean air. So, we are sure, you will be satisfied if you decide to move in here. 

Northern Mexico is the region that inspires outdoor enthusiasts and artists alike

Northern New Mexico is a land of contrasts. There, you will find beautiful gorges and high mountaintops. Also, you will be able to explore natural hot springs and wild rivers. So, no wonder this enchanted place was attracting generations of artists. Inspired by this enigmatic land, they have been producing enigmatic and enchanting artworks. And no wonder that the works of modern artists have similarities with artworks of indigenous people, They were all inspired by this same North New Mexico area. Besides, if you wonder what part of New Mexico has the best weather, look for the oldest settlements in Northern New Mexico. The ancients recognized and respected the nice weather of the area. And so will you, soon you are moving to this mystical part of the world. 


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