Which supplies to use when packing for storage in Santa Fe?

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    The usage of storage units is very popular nowadays. It is a perfect way to get some free space at your home. You can just pack your items, and relocate them to the storage unit. On the other hand, you can even use storage when moving. Your movers will just take the items and move them. It is the best idea because most storage units are perfectly adapted for this kind of action. Of course, first, you need to storage units Santa Fe residents recommend and make sure that it will suit your needs. After that, you can start thinking about what is the proper way to pack your things. Here are a few tips on which supplies to use when packing for storage in Santa Fe.

    List of supplies to use when packing for storage in Santa Fe

    • Cardboard boxes
    • Plastic wrap
    • Tapes
    • Dust covers
    • Pallets

    Cardboard boxes

    Boxes are essential for any type of moving your items, anywhere. It does not matter if you are moving to another place or you just want to store your items, you have to use boxes. There are various storage units that you can choose from. If you are renting storage that does not have the same conditions all the time, you need to use better boxes. The good thing is that you can find them from almost all movers Taos NM. The great thing is that you do not have to think about whether they will give you something of bad quality. All boxes are new and you will not have any problems with them!

    boxes are supplies to use when packing for storage in Santa Fe
    Use durable boxes for packing

    Should you use plastic boxes for storing?

    One of the main dilemmas is whether you can and should use plastic boxes when storing. Well, it depends on the type of items that you wish to store. For example, storing regular stuff is no problem. But, there are some items where you could use plastic boxes for storing. Fragile items could benefit from this since the plastic boxes are much more durable. On the other hand, if you are having a regular storage unit, pests could be the problem. They could eat your clothes. Boxes made from plastic will prevent them from doing this and you will preserve your things!

    Plastic wrap

    Plastic wrap is one of many supplies that you want to use when packing breakables for storage. Fragile items can be a problem, especially if you want to store them for a longer period of time. The best protection from any impacts is plastic wrap. It has a bubble filled with air that will compensate for any blow during storing or during transport when moving. Even though it is quite entertaining to play with them, it is not recommended. When handling fragile items, especially expensive ones, you should be concentrated and handle the task properly!

    plastic wrap
    Plastic wrap is among topĀ supplies to use when packing for storage in Santa Fe


    When we talk about which supplies you should use when packing for storage in Santa Fe, people usually do not think of tapes. And we understand. It is the smallest thing here and it is natural that you do not think that much of tapes. But, we want to give you advice that should help you out. Using regular tapes can be overwhelming if you want to finish fast. We all have struggles to find the end of the tape which we then tape to the boxes. In order to prevent this, you can use tape guns. You will not have this problem here and you will tape all the boxes much faster.

    Dust covers

    Even though we all think of boxes when thinking about storing in the Santa Fe storage, it is not all just about that. For example, you want to buy some new furniture. That means that the old one will have to go somewhere. If you do not want to sell it, the best place for this is the storage unit. But, one of the most forgotten tasks when storing furniture is covering it. You should use dust covers to cover the furniture and prevent dust from falling down. Even though it seems like an irrelevant thing, it is not. It could damage your furniture long term. Many people make mistakes and use plastic covers. You should avoid this because you could trap moisture underneath and it will certainly destroy the wood!


    Even though pallets are not considered regular supplies that you will use for packing, it is certainly important for storing. It is best to use in the storage units where the isolation is not good. That means that moisture could damage your items from underneath. In order to avoid this, you can place pallets on the bottom of the storage and place everything on it. Pallets are also important for protecting your items from pests. They will have a hard time reaching your items above.

    Pallets are great for elevating items off the ground

    Rent reliable storage units

    Besides using adequate supplies when packing for your Santa Fe storage, you need to find the proper one before. That means that you need to look for the best storage unit, depending on the duration and purpose. For example, some items are more sensitive to an uncontrolled climate like wood and electronics. No matter how you pack them, they can still get damaged. That is why you should always ask Pro-Move Logistics for advice and whether you can get climate-controlled storage for you. It will certainly make everything easier for you.

    Bottom line

    The list of supplies to use when packing for storage in Santa Fe is not complete. It will never be complete. There are many replacements that you can use for the same purpose. On the other hand, you will need other supplies if you are storing some special items. Our goal was to give you the list of the packing supplies that you will most commonly use. They will certainly be enough for anything regular that you have to store. Your only goal is to pack properly and you are good to go!

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