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Whether it's a specialty move or an ongoing need for logistics services with climate-controlled storage, Pro-Move Logistics is here to help!

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    Most people understand the challenges of planning a relocation and the obstacles that can arise from such a task. While most are willing to get involved and take on some of the moving burdens to save money or to maintain a sense of control, there are those that simply want to get it done. Pro-Move Logistics is a company that understands the need for a stress-free moving experience from start to end. That is why we offer premium white glove services for those customers looking to ensure a full-service relocation. From packing, moving and storage – all the way to cleaning and interior design – our team can handle it all for you. Get your free quote today and remove all the stress of organizing your moving process!

    • This service not only includes handling art, pianos, books, and specialty items with impeccable attention to detail during moves but also includes inbound and outbound logistics services such as receiving, storing in climate-controlled environments, and delivering items for interior designers, technologies firms, and high-end furniture companies.

    Our team’s white-glove attitude takes the final step in the logistics process a step further, going beyond the ever-higher standard for delivery. We provide our moving customers and local businesses with precise, trusted, experienced, last-mile logistics service. Our white glove services fulfill the need for every move and shipment that does not categorize in the “one-size-fits-all” job. So, whether it’s a specialty move or an ongoing need for logistics services with climate-controlled storage, we have the best team for the job and one that you can trust.

    White glove services Pro-Move Logistics
    Enjoy the white glove services of our professional moving crew!

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