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    Moving is a stressful event when so many things can go wrong even if you hire an experienced moving company like Pro-Move Logistics. And as human beings, we try to have as much control over things as possible. It is order and known situations that we enjoy and that makes us feel safe. So, if you want to feel that way even during the moving process you need a binding moving estimate. And considering that many people have no idea what a binding moving quote is nor do they know that there are two more types of moving estimates we’ve decided to fix that. That’s why if you continue reading you will learn more about what types of moving estimates exist and why you should always ask for a binding one.

    Learning the basic

    So, let’s start from the very beginning – from the moving estimate! Nowadays, if you go to a website of almost any moving company you will see a part where they offer you a free moving quote. These online moving quotes are good for giving you an approximate cost of the relocation.

    But you should always aim for more accurate estimates.

    However, any reliable moving company will offer to send someone to inspect your home and give you an estimate of your moving costs after that. This is also called an on-site moving estimate and there are three types of it. If the person that’s giving you an estimate knows what they are doing they will consider things like:

    • the number of items you need to transport
    • the type of those items
    • the distance between your old and your new home
    • the moving date
    • if you want only standard services or do you want some extra services
    • your moving budget

    After they consider all those things and maybe a few more, they calculate the costs. Then you will get an office moving estimate that serves as a moving contract in case you choose to use the moving services in Santa Fe of that same company.

    Why do you need a binding moving estimate?

    You may wonder what makes a binding moving quote different from other types. And why you need one in comparison with a regular moving estimate. Getting a binding estimate for your relocation is the most popular type and rightly so. It has many advantages and almost every moving company offers it.

    The biggest advantage of a binding moving estimate is a peace of mind that you get. With this type of estimate, you can’t face any additional charges or hidden costs. Everything that exceeds the estimated price will be covered by the moving company you signed a contract with. The only way they can over-charge you if they do it at the beginning.

    options - binding moving estimate
    However, you can get moving estimates from various moving companies and make sure that way that no one is over-charging you.

    The only down thing about a binding moving quote is that if your belongings end up weighing less than the estimated price you will still have to pay the said price. And if you thought about adding additional items at the last moment I’m sorry to disappoint you. According to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, if you want to add anything on a moving day you will have to convert your estimate to a non-binding one, negotiate a new binding estimate or get your mover to agree to stick to the original estimate.

    Other types of relocation estimates

    Before you decide on asking for a binding moving estimate I think it’d be useful to talk a little bit about other types of moving estimate. Knowing all your options is important if you want to choose the best one for you. But understanding them is crucial if you want to have a successful move.

    signing a contract - binding moving estimate
    Plus, you shouldn’t sign a contract you don’t fully understand and the same goes for a contract with a moving company.

    Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate VS. binding moving estimate

    When you compare all three types of moving estimates, a binding not-to-exceed estimate is by far the best one. And that can leave you wondering why we are telling you that you need a binding estimate for your move then. Well, the reason is quite simple – not many moving companies offer this type of moving estimate. Your biggest chance to get this kind of a moving estimate if you’re moving long-distance. So, attainability is where a binding moving quote beats this type of moving estimate.

    The deal with binding not-to-exceed moving estimate is that you will pay the cost of the actual weight if that weight is less than originally estimated. Whereas, if the actual weight exceeds the weight that was originally estimated you won’t have to pay more. The moving company will cover those costs.

    Regular moving estimate VS. Binding moving quote

    When a moving company gives you a regular moving quote they give you the approximate cost of your relocation. However, they keep the right to change the price. And that means that they can end up paying more or less than the originally estimated price. In practice, you will most likely pay more because moving companies add various extra services and hidden costs to your bill. They can bill you those extra charges after 30 days from delivery so you have some time to get that money.

    An advantage of a regular moving estimate is that it can help you spot moving scams. Moving companies that offer only non-binding moving estimate are usually the ones that offer you a too-good-to-be-true moving quote and then charge you a much higher bill than you anticipated. Other than that, I can think of no reason why you should take a non-binding moving quotes over the binding one

    So, now that you know why you need a binding moving estimate, you should contact us and get one. After all, it is your best option and a safe way to a successful relocation!

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