Why do you need temperature controlled storage units?

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    Storage units can be very useful in many situations. Nowadays, real estate prices are very high and many people decide to rent or buy smaller homes. While there are benefits of living in a smaller home, the biggest problem is the lack of storage space. For this reason, if you are moving to a smaller home with Pro-Move Logistics, you should consider getting a storage unit for your belongings. Also, the same reason is if you are a small business owner. Storage companies have evolved from small and leaking units to really nice storage units with many features. What kind of storage unit you need to get will depend on what you are planning to store there. Some items require certain conditions for storing, mostly items made of wood, leather, and art. Why do you need temperature controlled storage units? Here are all the reasons.

    What kind of storage units exists and do you need temperature controlled storage units?

    Renting storage units can be very useful during relocation. You can keep some of your items in storage to downsize your household belongings. This way, you will save some money during relocation. You can always pick up these items later on when you have time. A good thing about storage units is that you can rent them for a short or long period of time. If you need some extra storage only during relocation with Santa Fe packers and movers, you can rent a storage unit just as long as your relocation lasts. On the other hand, you can rent a storage unit for a longer time for seasonal clothes or items that don’t fit in your home. There are eight types of storage units, but the most usual ones are the following:

    • Drive-Up Storage
    • Climate-Controlled Storage
    • 24 Hour Storage
    storage units with white shutter doors
    Do you need temperature controlled storage units? The answer is yes.

    What does a climate-controlled storage unit mean?

    These storage units, as the name climate-controlled suggests, have controlled levels of temperature and humidity. Sudden temperature changes are not good for the quality of your item. Adding humidity to these temperature changes will create the ideal conditions for different pests to grow and reproduce. Common pests in storage units are rodents, cockroaches, bugs, and mold. All of these pests will damage your items much that you won’t be able to use them anymore. For this reason, storage companies are trying to minimize the appearance of pests by controlling the level of temperature and humidity. Also, temperature changes can damage certain items alone. So, these are the reason why you should have temperature controlled storage Santa Fe NM for your belongings. Climate-controlled storage units are usually indoor units as you can’t really control well the temperature in outdoor storage.

    What should you keep in climate-controlled storage units?

    Why do you need temperature controlled storage units you might ask? Well, certain items require special conditions for storing. The biggest enemy for all these items is moisture that appears in not climate-controlled conditions. If you don’t store these items properly, they easily get damaged beyond repair. These items are usually the ones made of wood and leather. Also, artwork, instruments, and household appliances should be stored in climate-controlled storage units. Leather is one of the most sensitive materials to temperature changes. For this reason, if you live in a city where it can get cold to hot in a short time, you should rent climate-controlled storage to prevent damage to your leather items. Additionally, any sort of artwork must be stored in climate-controlled storage. Therefore, if you were to have something delivered by art delivery service Santa Fe, you should keep it in this type of storage unit.

     do you need temperature controlled storage units for wooden furniture
    Wooden furniture must be stored in climate-controlled units.

    How to prepare your items for storage units?

    Even if you are taking your items to climate-controlled storage units, you should still need to prepare them. It’s not advisable just to put them in a storage unit without any preparation and packing. Wooden furniture will easily root if not stored in proper conditions and without proper preparation first. There are a couple of ways to protect your wood furniture from moisture, temperature changes, sunlight, etc. You can use waterproof covers to protect your wooden furniture from moisture. Also, before you bring your furniture to a storage unit, you should clean it from dust, dirt, etc. You can clean the dust with a soft towel or soft cloth. You can wet cloth or use cleaning products for wooden surfaces. Additionally, you can wrap your furniture with some type of packing material such as bubble wrapping.

    What else is controlled in climate-controlled storage units?

    Every climate-controlled storage unit has a controlled level of temperature. However, this is not enough to protect certain items from damage. You should find a storage unit that also has humidity-controlled. Some storage facilities offer heated storage units and air-cooled or air-conditioned units. Additionally, many of these storage units have good air quality. This means that you won’t have to open windows for fresh air which can disrupt existing conditions in the unit. The only downside of a climate-controlled storage unit is that it cost more than simple storage. But when you look at the price and what you are getting, climate-controlled storage is more than worthy. It will cost you more to replace all your wooden furniture or artwork than to add a little more money for climate-controlled units.

    pink and red flowers with air conditioner
    Advanced storage units have air conditioners.

    The conclusion is to always get a climate-controlled storage unit if your budget allows it

    Do you need temperature controlled storage units? If you have wooden items you can’t store them in units where levels of temperature and humidity are not good. Also, artwork and instruments are very sensitive to temperature changes and especially humidity. For this reason, if you want to protect your items from these factors, your only solution is to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. It’s better to invest a little more money than to replace all your belongings. There are other ways to save money during relocation or in general besides getting cheaper storage units without any of these features.


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